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Internet of Things (IoT)

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Age Group

8+ & 12+


2 Hrs. per Module
delivery format

Delivery Format

In-Person (One-on-One / Small Group)

Program Overview

The objective of this program is to equip participants with the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT) and technical skills in the IoT development for practical applications.

Through a blend of hands-on and project-based learning activities, participants will explore the building blocks of the IoT, hardware and software integration, and development of the IoT for practical applications. In addition, the learning activities will gear towards promoting the learners’ interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, creativity, critical thinking, and their application in solving real life problems.

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What Your Child
Will Learn

By the end of this program, your child will be able to.

Configure a microcontroller board for IoT applications.
Interface sensors (input devices) and actuators (output devices) for a given IoT application.
Plan and develop computer algorithms (codes) to process the sensors and control the actuators for the IoT application.
Integrate the hardware and software and test the IoT system performance.
Apply fundamental scientific and mathematical concepts together with critical thinking in solving practical problems with robotics.
Collaborate with others in developing solutions to challenging tasks.

Program Offering and Schedule

The IoT program is offered in categories to cater for different levels and learning interests. Each category focuses on a specific set of required hardware & software resources mapped to candidate prior skills in the IoT system development. The table below summarizes the currently offered categories:

CategoryResources (Hardware & Software)Age BracketTarget IoT ProjectsPrerequisites
IoT Fundamentals with Scratch Program.Makeblock Cyberpi + Scratch (Blocks) programming10+Basic IoT application projects.None
Junior IoT (JR)Makeblock IoT Kits +  Scratch (Blocks) programming10+IoT in Monitoring and Analysis applications. Common Sensors (e.g. Temperature,  Ultrasonic, LDR) Interfacing, simple output control (LEDs, DC Motor) and Data analysis Basic programming skills in Scratch (Recommendation:  “IoT Fundamental with Scratch Program”)
Senior IoT (SR)Raspberry Pi  +  Python / Arduino programming12+IoT in Monitoring and Control applications. Sensors interfacing, advanced output control, cloud communication and Data analysisBasic programming skills in Python and/or  Arduino. (Recommended: Python Fundamentals Program)

Download the program brochures below for more details:


/student /module
3 total modules
2 hours /module
10% sibling discount
/student /module
3 total modules
2 hours /module
10% sibling discount



Where is the venue of the program and do you offer home-based program?
We currently offer the program at our training centers in Norwest and Blacktown. Details of the location will be communicated during the enrollment period.

Alternative venue include home-based could be arranged on request. Contact us to arrange for this as part of the enrollment process.
Do you offer an online program option?
Our robotics / IoT programs are offered as in-person program due to the need to immerse the learners in hands-on learning activities.
What is your refund policy?
We hope that upon engagement with our quality program, you will not have the need to change your mind. Meanwhile, in case you decide to opt out of the enrollment, refund will be granted if the notice is received within the first seven (7) days of enrollment.
What if I am unable to attend one or more session(s) during my enrolment period?
We encourage prompt and regular attendance in all our sessions. Attendance is an integral part of our performance evaluation and support package. In case you are unable to attend a session for a genuine reason (subject to approval), you would be offered a special session to cover the materials missed.

In addition, request to absence from a session should be received at least 2 hours to the start of the session to be eligible for the special make up session.
What are the available payment methods for enrollment?
We currently accept the following payment options:

1. Online payment through our secured stripe account integrated in the enrollment form

2. Bank transfer to the company account provided in the enrollment form.

For any other options kindly contact us to arrange for such.
Do you provide the robotics/IoT material or students have to bring their own kits?
We provide the required robotics/IoT kits throughout the program. Meanwhile, we encourage learners to get personal copy of the kits for continuous learning and practice at home.
I can not find a convenient slot to enroll.
Contact us to discuss alternative time slot, especially when you want to enroll for 1-to-1 session.
Are there any discount for siblings?
Yes. We encourage siblings to join our group sessions and there will be a $25 reduction for each additional sibling.
Can we enroll as a group of friends or family in a slot and what is the discount?
Yes. We encourage group sessions with friends and family members. Select the same registration slot for all the members and choose the sibling discount. Contact us for support if needed.
Have more Questions, Get in Touch with Us.

10% Off for siblings

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