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Why Us

At ISHARETEK, our mission is to enrich the educational journey of students by providing accessible, fun, and high-quality STEM education. We aim to instill a passion for learning, foster critical thinking, and prepare young minds for success in the dynamic world of technology and innovation.

Future ready Skills

Our STEM programs equip students with in-demand skills in programming, robotics, and IoT, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges of the 21st-century job market.

Coding with Python

Confidence in Learning

Through our "learning by doing" strategy, students gain confidence as they actively engage with STEM concepts, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.

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Nurturing Future Innovators

Our programs are a catalyst for cultivating critical and innovative minds, ensuring students develop the skills needed to excel in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century.

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Our Programs

Coding with Scratch

Coding with Scratch

Dive into coding basics with Scratch, fostering STEM interest, creativity, and critical thinking. Our hands-on sessions ignite a passion for programming and problem-solving.

Coding with Python

Coding with Python

Explore Python programming in fun, hands-on sessions. Develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and digital literacy while creating interactive projects collaboratively.

Robotics and IOT


Fuel creativity and innovation in our Robotics sessions. Craft mobile robots, apply scientific concepts, and master presentation skills for a hands-on tech journey.



Elevate math skills with our tutoring sessions (Years 5-12). Engage in real-time problem-solving, creating a fun and immersive learning environment that enhances mathematical thinking and reasoning.

IoT Fundamentals

Acquire fundamentals of Scratch programming with application in Internet of Things (IoT). 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Fuel creativity and innovation in our IoT sessions. Craft mobile robots, apply scientific concepts, and master presentation skills for a hands-on tech journey.

Founder/Head Instructor

Dr Ismail B. Tijani

Our Head Instructor, with over 20 years of STEM experience and a PHD in Mechatronics Engineering, is dedicated to fostering future scientists. As a member of prestigious international bodies, he aligns with ISHARETEK's mission to make STEM enjoyable and accessible. Through a student-centric, hands-on approach, he cultivates confidence, creativity, and critical thinking for success in the 21st century.

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Our Process

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Explore Programs

Discover our range of STEM offerings and choose the perfect fit for your child’s interests.


Enroll Online

Complete a quick online enrollment form to reserve your child’s spot in the chosen program.


Start Learning

Dive into engaging, hands-on STEM sessions and embark on your journey with ISHARETEK.


Why online programs?
The main goal is to make our quality learning resources and instructors accessible, irrespective of location.

We believe that in the current and future age of information revolution, geographical barrier should not be a factor to learning.

In addition, online tutoring approach promote the use of diverse learning methods including access to interactive whiteboards, multimedia resources and interactive learning materials.
I can not find a convenient slot to enroll.
Contact us to discuss alternative time slot, especially if you want to enroll for 1-to-1 session.
What is the minimum number students for a group session to start?
Our group session is expected to be between 6 and 10 learners for effective and efficient learning experience.

Meanwhile, a session will commence at the stipulated starting date with minimum of 3 students, else the session may be postponed or merged with other available slots as may be agreed.
Can I join a session when it has commenced?
We only accept new enrollments up till the end of the first 7 days (end of first week) of commencement of the session OR not more than one missed session. A special make up session would be provided for the candidate.
What do I need to attend the online sessions?
The following are required to attend all our online learning.
1. Computer System
2. Good Internet Access
3. Email account to register a Scratch account. We encourage using a parent/guardian email address.

Are there any discount for siblings?
Yes. We encourage siblings to join our group sessions and there will be a $25 reduction for each additional sibling.
Can we enroll as a group of friends or family in a slot and what is the discount?
Yes. We encourage group sessions with friends and family members. Select the same registration slot for all the members and choose the sibling discount. Contact us for support if needed.
What are the available payment methods for enrollment?
We currently accept the following payment options:

1. Online payment through our secured stripe account integrated in the enrollment form.
2. Bank transfer to the company account provided in the enrollment form.

For any other options kindly contact us to arrange for such.
Have more Questions, Get in Touch with Us.

10% Off for siblings

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Coding with Scartch

Coding with Scratch

Coding with Scartch

Coding with Python

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Robotics and IOT


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